Heart Attacks and Heart Disease Caused By Others?

A heart attack is a frightening experience and can be expensive as well. Even if clients manage to escape death or permanent disability, they might spend a prolonged time in the hospital and may need to spend an even longer period of time, perhaps the rest of their lives, under the specialized care of a doctor. Time off from work and lack of good health insurance can make a heart attack catastrophic financially as well as physically.

Sometimes, the circumstances that lead to a heart attack aren’t the fault of the client. He or she can be employed in a place that exposed them to toxic chemicals that weakened his or her heart without him or her even knowing about it until it was too late. The client could have ingested a poison that was damaging to his or her heart or been in an accident that wasn't his or her fault that also caused damage to the cardiac muscle. Many mishaps can happen to an otherwise healthy person that can lead sooner or later to a heart attack. Some of those mishaps could have been prevented.

Our personal injury law firm, Zinda Law Group, can help a prospective client who believes that his or her heart attack or heart disorder was caused by another person. Our Austin, Texas firm has long experience in handling these admittedly challenging cases. But our lawyers and their staff fight hard for our clients’ cases. We will make sure that we keep our clients up-to-date on how their cases are progressing. We will sit down with our clients and makes sure they understand the pros and cons of their cases and what sort of outcomes they can expect from the choices they make. We’ll let our clients know if they can collect Worker’s Compensation from their cases, how to handle medical bills, the difference between compensatory and punitive damages and how to deal with recalcitrant insurance companies among many other things.

The Personal Injury lawyers and staff at Zinda Law Group treat all of our clients with respect, dignity and compassion. This includes being honest with our clients about their cases and making sure that we keep the lines of communication open. Our firm, after all, won the 40 Under 40 Award from the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Any client in the Austin, Texas area who believes that they have grounds for a personal injury suit that led to a heart attack should get in touch with us at Zinda Law Group. We can be reached at 1-800 863-5312. We are eager to help.