How to React to a Claim Adjuster’s Letter

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There are two situations that differ from each other when a letter from a claim adjuster is received. One is when the insurance company is your own, and you have filed a claim on you own policy. The other is when the insurance company is one that is attempting to settle with you because you were injured by another party.

If you have filed a claim on your own policy and have received a claim adjuster’s letter, it may be for an amount that is lower that you have anticipated. If this is the case, you need to consult with an attorney. At this point you simply need to speak to an attorney to understand your policy and if you are entitled to more compensation. It is common for an insurance company to lowball the settlement offer in an effort to keep the average payouts low. There may be no need at this point to hire an attorney to represent you in any type of negotiation, but an attorney can help greatly in knowing what your options are. The advice from an attorney with experience negotiating with insurance companies can be very helpful.

If it doesn’t look like you will be getting the money you think you are entitled to, an attorney can take over the negotiations for you. They have the clout needed to get a favorable settlement. An attorney has the wherewithal to bring an insurance company to court, and this can be more expensive to a company than settling with a policy holder.

A second situation that may happen to you is getting a letter from a claim’s adjuster from an insurance company of someone who is responsible for a personal injury. This could be a business owner whose property you were injured on, or it could be from the insurance company of the driver of a car that hit your car. Another common occurrence is that you were on your bicycle and were struck by a car. Pedestrians also get hit by cars every day. If you were the injured party and an insurance company contacted you in any way, you need to get an attorney. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a claims adjuster; it could be an attorney from the insurance company. If you are contacted, you need to consult with an attorney immediately.

If you are absolutely sure that you have not been injured in any way and it was only property damage, it is only a matter of knowing whether the amount offered will cover repairs. The problem is that unless you are certain you were not hurt, then after you receive compensation for your property damaging, the book will be closed for further compensation. An attorney will know what type of long-term health issues you might have and be able to make sure you are going to be okay before proceeding with a settlement. If you were hurt, an attorney will be able to stand up for your rights in a way you could never hope to when negotiating with insurance companies.