Surgery Mistakes and Complications Lawyers in Austin

Despite what many may be led to believe, errors do occur during surgical procedures. And when a preventable error occurs during surgery, the patient often suffers further injury. Sometimes, the injury may not become apparent until weeks or months after the mistake has been made.

What might have been considered a normal post operative reaction may later be discovered to be human error in the surgery. At this time, it is necessary for the injured party to seek competent legal advice. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can help right the wrong and provide the injured party the resources needed to put their life back in order.

Surgical Malpractice

Mistakes in surgery come in a variety of ways. Improper execution of a surgical technique, improper administration of anesthetic or other medication and even operating on the wrong side of the patient have been causes of surgery mistakes.

In a recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, a shocking number of very basic surgery errors have been found. More than 4,000 times per year, a foreign object is left inside the patient during surgery. Usually, the foreign object is a surgical sponge or other implement used to clean blood or other fluid during the procedure. In many cases, these errors have led to infection, causing further complications to the patient. Though electronic tracking is available to be placed on sponges to detect when one is left in a patient, fewer than 15 percent of the hospitals use them.

In another study of several hundred patients who were victims of surgical mistakes, most of the mistakes found were on routine surgical tasks, as opposed to performing a delicate or difficult surgical procedure. 84 percent of the mistakes were found committed in what was considered a routine operation. By far the largest majority (73%) of the mistakes were caused by experienced surgeons.

In Texas, medical malpractice is the failure of a medical provider to use ordinary and reasonable care under the circumstances. The standard of care to be used is that which other medical providers in the same community and of the same level of expertise. A surgeon’s standard of care is measured by that of other surgeons in the same community.

The failure to use proper care must also cause damage, i.e. injury, to the patient. The patient’s injury must also have been the cause of either the injury or aggravation of a preexisting injury. If a medical malpractice is not filed within 2 years, the victim usually loses their rights to restitution.

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