Pharmacy Error - Personal Injury Lawyers in Austin

Humans run pharmacies and they do sometimes make errors. However, you should not have to suffer because pharmacy associates made pharmacy errors in Austin. People who work with medicines are held to a higher standard, as they are responsible for other people’s well-being. The responsibilities of a pharmacist or a pharmacist’s associate are similar to those in various fields of medicine. The patient’s safety and well-being is most important. When someone makes a pharmacy error, it can ruin another person’s life. Additionally, it could cause that person to have a deadly or near fatal reaction. If this has happened to you or someone you know, you may be entitled to receive compensation.

What are Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacy errors could be a number of mishaps that occur during the course of preparing or delivering medication. A pharmacist or pharmacist assistant could accidentally give a person the wrong dosage of a medication or a dosage that is not on the prescription. Additionally, he or she could accidentally give a client the wrong medication altogether. The client could be allergic to the medication that he or she receives because of a mistake. An allergic reaction can cause pain, hospitalization, and financial loss.

Who is at Fault with Pharmacy Errors

The person who administers the medication is supposed to give the project his or her full attention. If something goes wrong such as the previously stated incident, the pharmacist, assistant, and the entire establishment can be held responsible. The pharmacy is responsible for the health and well-being of anyone who walks through the doors. The pharmacist is responsible for issuing people the proper medication and educating them on the possible side effects. Failure to do such could also be a violation against the pharmacist and the establishment.

Personal Injury Due to Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacy errors can fall under the personal injury classification if the victim has lost something significant. For example, if a person misses time at work because of an allergic reaction or he or she racks up a ton of hospital bills, the institution may be held accountable for payment of such bills. The institution may also have to compensate the victim for every minute that he or she could not make it work. The same rule applies to the surviving spouse of someone who has suffered a no fault injury.

How to get Help with Pharmacy Errors

Help is available for anyone who feels as though he or she has been victimized by pharmacy errors. A prospective client can call on the phone or submit an online inquiry for a consultation. A Personal Injury attorney will review the specifics of the case and make a determination based on its validity. If a lawyer offers to take a pharmacy errors case, it is because this person knows the chances of winning are great. The victim will not have to worry about making any payments until he or she receives a settlement. We are a no win no fee establishment.