Slip & Fall Lawyers in Austin

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 20.9 percent of all injuries in 2008 were du e to work related injuries. A majority of these personal injuries were due to slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. Workers that suffered a slip and fall accident then had to try to deal with a workers’ compensation claim, insurance agencies, medical appointments, and possibly rehabilitation. Slip and fall or trip and fall injuries can also occur on private property, business premises, or public locations which can involve a whole list of individuals or agencies. The most common factors that lead to these personal injuries can include:

  • Wet or oily walkways
  • Uneven or broken floor surfaces
  • Loose mats or rugs
  • Unattended Spills
  • Weather related (ice, rain or snow)
  • Improper footwear

Injured in a slip and fall?

Emergency room visits, lost wages, and even death can be the result of slip and fall accident. If you suffered a slip and fall injury you could easily feel overwhelmed. We can help you sort through the many aspects of your case. Was the property owner at fault for not cleaning up a spill? Was the area you slipped on in disrepair or in need of maintenance? The answers to these questions are important in your personal injury case. You need the most experienced representation in your slip and fall case to ask the right questions. Zinda Law Group can provide you with the most compassionate representation in your slip and fall case. Our Personal Injury Attorneys proudly serve clients in Austin and throughout Texas.