Social Host Responsibility Lawyers in Austin

When are social hosts responsible?

“Social host” refers to people who host guests in their homes. In Texas, when social hosts serve alcohol home in their home to their guests, they are often not held responsible for the actions of guests who drink too much. This is even holds true in the event that a guest is involved in a car accident that kills or injures someone. However, there are exceptions in which a social host can be held liable. For example, this can happen when a host serves alcohol to minors or when a host takes someone's (adult or minor) car keys and returns them to an intoxicated guest.

When a homeowner furnishes alcohol to minors or allows minors to consume alcohol at their residence, that party could be held liable for any injuries caused by the intoxicated minor. Damages in social host responsibility cases are usually paid by the host's homeowners insurance.

When accidents are caused by another party’s negligence, poor decision making, or absentmindedness, you may be able to hold that party liable for the incident. At the law firm of Zinda Law Group, our skilled team of personal injury lawyers advocate for the injured victims of drunk drivers. Both in and outside of the court room, we have a proven track record of success when it comes to seeking compensation for our clients. In fact, we do not only hold the drunk driver accountable for their negligence, but also social hosts. Give our office a call today for a free consultation and take the first step towards justice.