Frequently Asked Questions About Accutane

Common Questions about Accutane

Zinda Law Group PLLC represents clients adversely affected by the use of the acne treatment Accutane. Individuals with severe side effects caused by Accutane should contact a lawyer for legal advice and assistance as to the steps to take regarding a personal injury. We are glad to provide information about the product Accutane and the following are some of the frequently asked questions.

Can I file a claim?
In recent years there have been thousands of lawsuits filed related to many disorders of the intestinal and stomach region including inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

Accutane falls under the retinoid classification. Accutane prescribed to people to treat severe acne works by decreasing facial oil production. Roche Laboratories manufactures Accutane. Claravis, Sotret and Amnesteem are generic versions of Accutane.

Is Accutane the only brand name of the medication?
Medical practitioners prescribe Accutane to treat moderate to severe acne that has not responded to other medications. Accutane includes isotretinoin, a compound related to Vitamin A. Accutane acts by drying up sebum, an oily material made by skin glands.

Generic formulations are available and sold under the brand names:

  • Amnesteem (Mylan)
  • Claravis (Barr Pharmaceuticals)
  • Decutan (Actavis)
  • Isotane (Pacific Pharmaceuticals)
  • Sotret (Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals)
  • Izotek (Blau Farma)
  • Isotrex topical gel (Steifel Laboratories)

If you or a loved one has experienced severe adverse Accutane reactions, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries and suffering. Speak with an attorney from our firm as soon as possible because of the strict time limitations to file a lawsuit. In addition, it is important to preserve possible evidence to establish an injury case. Make an appointment today for a consultation with an Accutane lawyer.