Risk of Bladder Cancer in Actos Users

In a June 2011 warning from the FDA, Actos® was found to have a direct link to an increased risk of bladder cancer. Acto®s is a drug prescribed to those suffering from diabetes. It contains the drug Pioglitazone which has long been known to cause blood clotting and other serious side effects. Those who have been taking the drug for at least a year are at the greatest risk for developing bladder cancer. According to the European Medicines Agency, two other European countries banned the drug around the same time that the FDA issued a warning in the United States. Those who are familiar with Actos® are likely familiar with its sister drug Avandia. Many people made the switch to Actos® because they thought it would be safer after Avandia was found to lead to many severe side effects such as heart attack.

Those who have been taking the drug for at least a year may be at a 40 percent increased likelihood of developing bladder cancer. The FDA has been analyzing data for more than five years in order to find any link between the drug and serious side effects. This study is what resulted in the June 2011 warning. The FDA has not yet recalled the drug, but advises that those who have previously had bladder problems or bladder cancer should be careful when taking the drug. Many patients were not adequately warned about the risks involved in taking the drug, and if you were one of them and you developed bladder cancer, you are entitled to seeking legal help for filing a claim.

Are you at risk for bladder cancer?

At Zanda & Davis, we are committed to obtaining successfully recovering for our clients who suffered bladder cancer as a result of their use of the drug Actos®. If this information describes you, then get in touch with an attorney from our firm today. We are experienced in handling cases of Actos® injury and can help you as well. Your injuries are no small matter, and we are prepared to fight against big pharmaceutical companies in order to get you the compensation that you deserve. Medical professionals should always be held accountable for any harm that they cause patients, so if you developed bladder cancer or another serious side effect as a result of your Actos® use, then contact our firm immediately to see how we can help you recover.