Kitchen Product Defect Lawyers in Austin

Personal injury within the home is a very common event. However, when those events are caused by a faulty or defective product, the consumer does have legal rights. Kitchen product defects can result in burns, cuts and even electrical shock or electrocution. Those that reside in Austin, TX will have various options which may be available, including filing a claim within the courts. Therefore, when a victim suffers an injury in the kitchen related to a product, it is wise to consult with an attorney.

What if Offered a Settlement?

Even if offered a settlement from the responsible party, the injured should take a few moments to consult with an experienced attorney in Austin. It is not uncommon for the responsible party to offer a small compensation amount in order to save money. As a matter of fact, the amount offered may not even be enough to cover medical bills and other expenses associated with the injury. An attorney can help protect the victim from being taken advantage of by big corporations and insurance companies.

What Qualifies as A Personal Injury?

Almost any type of injury that is sustained as a result of a kitchen product defect can be considered personal injury that may be eligible for compensation through the courts. Even if a recall was issued for the product in question, the victim may still be eligible. Anytime an injury occurs that is through no fault of the victim, a claim may be filed. In cases of faulty kitchen products, this is often considered negligence on behalf of the company responsible for manufacturing the item. A Personal Injury Attorney can help you in the process of receiving compensation for your injury. 

What Kind of Compensation Can Be Received?

Compensation is not guaranteed but speaking with an experienced attorney in Austin is the first step in determining whether or not there is a valid personal injury claim. Compensation may be granted when the courts rule in favor of the injured or if the responsible party agrees to settle the case. Typically, compensation can be received for medical bills and even time off the job. This will vary on a case-by-case basis, as will the amount of compensation that is received.