About Settlements in Injury Claims

Many personal injury claims are resolved by way of a settlement. The negligent party or insurance company makes an offer to settle, which can either be accepted or rejected. In many cases the settlements that are initially offered in injury cases are far lower than are deserved; those who do not have legal representation from an attorney could risk losing potential compensation if they accept an offer. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and your settlement is part of their bottom line. In some cases, they even advise injured victims not to get a lawyer, as they tell them that they could lose part of their settlement. While it is true that your attorney will be paid a fair percentage of the settlement, what they fail to mention is that the average amount of a settlement is 3.5 times higher when an attorney is involved.

Do you want a settlement in an injury case?

If a settlement offer is too low – what will you do? That is when the skilled Personal Injury Attorneys of Zinda Law Group can help. The negotiations with insurance companies can be extremely frustrating and even depressing; it is hard to believe that they take advantage of the injured and want them to accept less than they deserve. In many cases they deny a valid claim as the first tactic. Our legal team has dealt with insurance companies for years – they know us, and they know we won’t back down. If they refuse to bring a fair settlement offer to the table, we are more than willing to litigate and take the case to court. That is something they usually do not want to do.

Most injury claims are settled prior to trial, but in some very serious cases, it is necessary to litigate. This can be true in medical malpractice cases or those filed against pharmaceutical companies who are trying to avoid the massive numbers of claims that they could face if they put a dangerous drug on the market.

We are here to protect your right to a fair settlement. We are not going to accept a payment that is too low, and will fight for you and your family, and the justice you deserve if you suffered an injury due to the negligence of another. We believe in justice, and we will vigorously protect your rights.