Back Injury Lawyers in Austin

Sprains, Strains & Herniated Discs

The back is one of the largest continuous parts of the entire human body - do to this immense size and the intricate weave of bones, muscles and tissues, back injuries can be catastrophic. Common causes of injuries to the back range from sports-related injuries, car crashes and even workplace accidents. According to Premier, Inc. an estimated 80 percent of all adults will suffer from a back-related injury in their lives; beyond that, 10 percent are estimated to suffer from a re-injury. Some of the most common types of back injuries include the following:

  • Sprain: A sprain occurs when a ligament is either stretched or torn. As a ligament connects all the bones, should you get hit, abnormally twist or should you fall, it is likely that you will suffer from a sprain. Many people claim that they hear a "pop" at the time of injury.
  • Strain: Similar to a sprain, a strain occurs in the event that a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn. It has been found that this is an injury that can occur in a sudden accident, but can also occur from wearing the muscles down over time. Continually heavy lifting or car accidents are common sources of this injury which results in pain, spasms, swelling and difficulty moving.
  • Herniated Discs: In between the 26 vertebrae that make up your back are small discs that cushion this vital piece of bone. Should these discs slip out of place or should they rupture, they are described as herniated. This results in severe back and beck pain, tingling, numbness and spasms.

How You Can Take Legal Action

When you are suffering from the aftermath of a serious back injury, it is in your best interest to get the involvement of an experienced Personal Injury lawyer from Zinda Law Group on your side so that you can protect your legal rights. At our firm, we know the difficulties that can be attributed to back damage and we know the emotional, physical and physical stress that can accompany it. For this reason, we are prepared to go the distance in our efforts to provide our clients with reliable legal assistance when it is needed most. Should you choose to work with our firm, you can rest assured knowing that we will go above and beyond in our efforts to provide comprehensive representation. If your injury was from the result of a third party's negligence or if it was caused by the error of an employer to provide an adequately safe workplace, then you could have grounds to file a claim and should be justly protected.