Electrocution Injury Claims Lawyers in Austin

Unfortunately, electrocution accidents take place far too frequently. Often incidents occur in the workplace or they involve defective products. No matter the cause, the consequences of such a catastrophic injury are devastating to the victim. Severe burn injury, heart damage, and even wrongful death can all be caused by an extremely high electric current. Individuals who suffer severe burn injuries often are unable to completely recover, even through extensive medical care, physical therapy, and cosmetic surgery. Electrocution and burn injuries are often the result of another individual’s negligent, reckless or irresponsible actions, and there is something that you can do about it. An attorney can help you fight to recover the compensation you are entitled to, if you or someone you love has suffered a serious burn injury or has been electrocuted.

Workers’ Compensation for Electrocution Accidents

There are very important matters to consider when you are choosing a firm to represent you. After a serious accident, you will likely want to concentrate on recuperating, repairing your life, and not want to worry about your injury claim or your finances. Our firm will work to help you do just that. We will investigate the circumstances and the cause behind your accident and find out exactly who is responsible and hold them accountable for their actions. Our firm will use our extensive knowledge and resources to ensure your claim is well-founded and will result in a positive outcome, giving you the compensation you are entitled to.

We at Zinda Law Group PLLC are determined to help our clients as much as possible. We treat each case equally and ensure that no matter what the size of your case is, you work directly with your attorney. Our Personal Injury Attorneys have worked for years representing clients who were victims of all types of personal injury cases, including electrocution and serious burn injuries. We are a compassionate and dedicated team, who wants the best for our clients and works hard to obtain it. You can rest assured knowing you have a caring legal team on your side.