Trip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Austin

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The Code of Federal Regulations clearly states the cause and prevention of slip and fall or trip and fall injuries. Housekeeping, ladder safety, floor openings and stairways are included. Premises Liability instructs that walkways and pathways in private, public or workplace premises must be kept clear to avoid personal injury accidents. OSHA offers extensive training and literature to prevent Trip and Fall accidents. Yet thousands of Trip and Fall accidents occur every year: requiring countless emergency room visits, insurance claims, lost wages, medical bills, and hardship for the injured party. During this difficult time you need the most experienced personal injury lawyer.

Injury Claims

Were you conducting business on the property when you were injured? Were you invited on the property or were you trespassing? Did the property owner make you aware of any dangers on the premises? Were you on or in a:

  • Public parking garage
  • Store parking lot
  • College campus or school ground
  • Apartment complex or private dwelling
  • Shopping malls
  • In your workplace

The answers to these questions can affect your Trip and Fall personal injury case. We can help you sort through the many details of your Trip and Fall case to insure that you receive the most beneficial representation. A Personal Injury lawyer from Zinda Law Group PLLC can provide you with the most compassionate representation in your Trip and Fall case. We are here to help you recover the compensation you deserve after your injury.