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According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), there are more than 3,000 train accidents every year. In addition, the FRA reports that most rail crossings are inadequate with more than 80% lacking sufficient warning signals and equipment. In the state of Texas in 2012 alone, there were 271 train accidents, along with 44 derailments and 24 fatalities. Many were clearly due to insufficient warning signals and defective equipment.

Capital MetroRail

Capital MetroRail is one of Austin’s regional public transportation options. The metro rail runs along 32 miles of track between Leander and downtown Austin and often reaches speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. While Capital MetroRail is a fairly inexpensive way to travel, its rail line is wrought with accidents and fatalities. Most of these accidents involve both rail car/motor vehicle collisions, and many are directly related to poor or inadequate signage. In fact, many of the MetroRail crossings only have a crossbuck sign (an X-shaped symbol at railroad crossings) or a stop sign warning of the train crossing. All but one of the thirteen private crossings for the MetroRail have just the crossbuck sign with no flashing lights or crossing arms to warn of oncoming trains.

Human Error or Negligence

Quite often, train accidents and fatalities are the result of human error or negligence, such as:

Driver error

  • Failure to yield at train crossings
  • Driving around crossing arms when down
  • Trying to beat the train to the crossing
  • Stopping on the tracks
  • Speeding

Mechanical failure

  • Flashing lights don’t work
  • Poor maintenance of warning equipment
  • Poor design of equipment
  • Tracks in disrepair
  • Fires and explosions

Engineering failure

  • Bridge and tunnel collapses
  • Faulty tracks

Signalmen’s error

  • Incorrect operation of signals and equipment
  • Allowing two trains onto the same track

Train accidents result in widespread property damage as well as injury and death due to the size and weight of the train. Many crashes can be traced to the intentional acts of other people such as:

  • Deliberate vandalism
  • Fires and explosions
  • Sabotage or terrorism
  • People on the tracks

Whether due to poor signage, faulty equipment, human error or deliberate sabotage, these crashes cause great harm and damage and often result in life altering injuries or death.

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