Most Common Airbag Deployment Injuries

Last updated on: September 5, 2022

In recent years, airbags have been the subject of much controversy. There have been stories of airbags failing to work properly resulting in serious and sometimes life threatening injuries such as in the case of Takata airbags.

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Most Common Airbag Deployment Injuries

Even though air bags are designed to prevent injury, airbags themselves can cause serious even if they did not malfunction. The type and severity of your injuries will influence the amount you can recover for damages. Following is a list of some of the most common airbag injuries:


Airbag deployment victims commonly suffer burns on the chest, arms and face. According to the National Library of Medicine, burns from airbags are due to the frictional, thermal, and chemical interaction with the skin and eyes. While treatment on patients with burns affecting the skin is generally successful, there is less success when treating ocular injuries.

The face and arms are particularly vulnerable to surface burns and abrasions from airbag speed. Burns from airbags often resemble rug burn, but airbag burns can be much worse. Inflation and deflation can produce chemicals that can irritate the skin and eyes and even result in chemical burns.

Chest Injuries

An exploding airbag can break bones and damage soft tissue in the chest. Damage to the chest can occur when the airbag applies pressure to that region. While some chest injuries are minor or just visible on the surface, others are more serious.

An injury from a blow or external force that damages the blood vessels or tissues beneath the skin but does not break the skin is referred to as a contusion. A chest contusion may result from airbag deployment, and it may also have side effects that result in internal damage and demand medical attention.

Eye Injuries

As mentioned, ocular injuries are difficult to treat. Airbag deployments sometimes cause partial or total blindness. The types of eye injuries that occur include lacerations and particles in the eye, globe rupture, and orbital fracture.

Defective airbags sometime release dirt and debris that can get stuck underneath your eyelid. In the worst of scenarios, the object hitting the victim is large and may cause the bones around the eye to break or the eye to rupture.   

Face Injuries

An exploding airbag can break bones and injure soft tissue in the face. Based on your position in your car, you are more or less likely to suffer facial injuries. Your face might not hit the windshield because of the airbag, but the airbag could hit your head and break delicate facial bones.

Injuries to the face are linked to traumatic brain injuries. A forceful impact to the face can cause concussions and other serious damage to the brain. If an airbag deployment resulted in a blow to the face, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

Neck/back Injuries

Your neck and back are also vulnerable to injury from an airbag deployment. Even if the airbag prevents your body from being thrusted forward into the car’s interior, the impact of the airbag can still cause damage to soft tissue.

Soft tissue injuries are difficult to treat and often have long recovery periods. Many people who suffer airbag injuries often suffer from chronic pain and have diminished quality of life. We believe that the pain and suffering from chronic pain should be compensated.

Can you Sue For injuries when an Airbag Deployed?

You must first choose who to sue in order to succeed in a personal injury case involving an airbag accident. You might pursue a lawsuit against the airbag manufacturer, the car manufacturer, or a party that repaired your airbag, depending on the specifics of your situation.

You must establish in court that the airbag’s flaw is what led to your injury. To prove negligence against a manufacturer the flaw must specifically have been what caused the injury. For instance, demonstrating that an airbag’s design was defective does not suffice; you also need to show that a better design was feasible.

If you prevail in the lawsuit, you may be entitled to cash compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering. Contact the airbag deployment attorneys from Zinda Law Group to discuss the facts of your case and you legal options by calling (800) 863-5312.

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