Evaluating Damages in Brain Injury Cases

Evaluating Damages in Brain Injury Cases

Brain injury cases are very, very serious. They cause significant harms, but one of the hurdles that plaintiffs have in brain injury cases is typically there isn't an MRI or an X-ray like there would be for a broken bone or a herniated disc that shows just exactly what that brain injury is. We all know that brain injuries can affect your everyday life. They certainly lower your earning capacity over the course of your lifespan, and they leave you with medical bills in the past, and almost certainly medical bills in the future. Not only are these cases really complex, in order to litigate them successfully, you need to know how they work. You need to know how the insurance companies evaluate these cases, and you need to have the resources to take these types of brain injury cases to a jury trial if that's what your case demands. That's what we do at Zinda Law Group. So if you, a friend, or family member have a brain injury case, give us a call with questions, comments, or concerns.  

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