Settling Your Ft. Worth Brain Injury Case: What To Know

Last updated on: March 9, 2015


Anytime you’re a victim of a car accident, and there’s insurance on the other side to pay for your medical bills, if you suffered a head injury, you want to make sure that you get a clear diagnosis of what that head injury is before you settle your case. Once you settle your case, that is all the money that you will ever be able to get from the at-fault person or their insurance company ’til the end of time. You want to make sure that you are not settling your case for a low value early on, and you want to get a long-term diagnosis to make sure that you are compensated for any future medical need.

Where Zinda Law Group Practices:

We were founded in Texas and have a team of Austin personal injury lawyers as well as attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth.

As we’ve grown we expanded out west to El Paso, Texas subsequently into Arizona adding Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers to the firm, as well as adding offices in Colorado including Denver Personal Injury Lawyers and the surrounding cities such as Colorado Springs.

Types of Cases We Handle:

We also have a team of attorneys that have experience serious injury cases such as car accidents, wrongful death and truck accidents.   We also have experience handling more complex cases such as gas explosions and drug injury cases, such as the Taxotere® Lawsuits.