Am I Partially at Fault for My Car Accident?

There are different things that may play a role as to whether or not you're at fault and how that will affect your claim. Insurance companies are typically responsible for determining what settlement, if any, comes about after an injury (not the person who was involved in the incident).

Now, even if you're not responsible at all, the tactic insurance companies use is usually to deny or delay claims. So whether or not you’re partially at fault may be different depending on who you ask. But the thing to take into consideration is usually the crash report. The crash report was done by the police officer at or near the time of the incident and will have a really good perspective in determining who is at fault in a particular situation. They would be able to talk to witnesses, sketch the scene and gather information while it exists.

In addition, there are witnesses who may have seen what happened or people who called 911 who didn’t stop at the scene but saw what happened. All these things are taken into consideration in combination with the statements from everybody involved. If you have two opposing statements, say two drivers getting into a wreck where they blame each other. While you look at background, driving history, their history for telling the truth and all these things may play some role in determining who is at fault. The crash report and what the police officer saw and recorded from speaking with others, if they actually came to the scene, is probably the most important thing to make sure that determination of liability is on your side before you pursue a lawsuit with a car accident lawyer.

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