Car Insurance Settlement Calculator

One of the questions we frequently get from both clients and potential clients is how do you calculate the value of a case. People want to know if there is some calculator, that you can plug information into and have it spit out a value?  Unfortunately there isn't. There is no calculator you could even create because every situation is different. There are too many factors to list, but some are more common.

Common Factors Affecting Car Insurance Settlements

  • Health Insurance - Often the exact same treatment for someone with and without health insurance can vary greatly. You really have to look into the medical treatment that person received. For example:
    • What is the pain like?
    • How uncomfortable was it?
    • How long did it take?
  • Different Impacts - Then, of course, there are differences in the impairment caused by the injuries. Every individual plaintiff's life situation is different has to be considered. For example:
    • A shoulder injury for a major league pitcher is a big problem but maybe not as much for a retired 65-year-old man.
  • The Defendant - We also look at the defendant. Certain factors can greatly influence the value of the case. For example:
    • How likable is the defendant?
    • What kind of criminal record do they have?
    • What conduct did they have in the accident?
    • Was this a motor vehicle crash with cell phone use or drunk driving?
  • The “Venue” & The Jury - Where the suit is filed and the jury’s make-up can be important too. It's important to have an attorney who knows the various venues because they change frequently.
    • We rely heavily on our experience—knowing what cases with similar facts have resolved for or how certain factors have influenced other cases.

We often have to look at not just the up sides of the case but the down sides of the case. You have to consider how those add to and detract from the potential value of the case.

What To Do: Ask An Attorney

The best thing to do is to sit down with a car accident attorney and talk to them about it, talk to them about your case. A lot of times you don't really have all the information until you're in the moment so they may not be able to provide a specific dollar value. Certainly, an attorney can talk to you about the good and the bad things in your case and give you an idea of what is affecting the value of a claim.

Where Zinda Law Group Practices:

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Types of Cases We Handle:

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