Should I Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident?

Last updated on: March 10, 2015

      The question, as phrased, can be answered, well, like any lawyer would answer:  It depends.  A better way to ask the question is, “why do I need a lawyer after an accident?”

The Insurance Company’s Problem: Exposure

      Every insurance company that has a negligent client who has injured a person has a problem.  That problem is called “exposure”.  Because an insurance company has a duty to investigate the claim and to pay it when its client is responsible, its adjuster will immediately contact the injured person in order to “help” that person “resolve” the claim and “pay for their injuries.” An adjuster will be the injured person’s best friend.  He will even promise to have a check over within a few days.  

      Sounds reasonable, right?

The Injured Person’s Problem: Conflict of Interest

      The problem for the injured person is much larger.  Make no mistake, the insurance adjuster with the friendly voice who calls after the accident to “see how you’re doing” has one job and one job only.  That person is a paid employee of the insurance company with the exposure and is compensated on how fast, how efficiently, and how cheaply he can get his employer off the hook.  That person does not care “how you’re doing”; he cares about making his employer happy. 

      Add to that the fact that his employer has a contractual duty directly to the person who caused the injury, and the problem is evident.  In other words, there is a glaring conflict of interest between the adjuster and the insurance company claiming to “help resolve” the claim and the injured person. 

Insurance Company’s Goal: Minimize Risk</

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