Natural Gas Explosion Injuries

Last updated on: April 9, 2015


Although the heat and blast of a natural gas explosion can cause many different kinds of injuries, most injuries fall into just a few categories. Physical injuries aren’t the only types of injuries you can suffer from a natural gas explosion, however – psychological injuries can be even more devastating in some cases, and you can recover compensation for these injuries as well.

Physical Injuries

Blast Wave Injuries: Blast wave injuries occur when the high-pressure wave of an explosion comes into contact with your skin. This can cause a concussion, inner ear damage, eye rupture, blast lung and abdominal perforation, among other injuries.

Flying Debris Injuries: Flying debris injuries occur when debris that is released and accelerated by the explosion penetrates or strikes the body. This category of injury includes shrapnel-type injuries and eye penetration (sometimes total blindness is the result).

Impact Injuries: Impact injuries occur when your body is tossed by the blast wind. Bone fractures and brain injuries are common, as are concussions of varying degrees of seriousness. In some cases, traumatic amputation and even decapitation occurs as the result of the impact of your body against a hard surface.

Other Injuries: Burns of varying degrees caused by overheated gas are common in explosions, as are crush injuries. Asthma, COPD and other lung ailments are common results of inhaling toxic or overheated fumes.

Psychological Injuries

Pain and Suffering: In a legal context, the term “pain and suffering” refers to physical pain and suffering. Some injuries are more painful than others – extensive burns, for example, can be particularly painful.

Mental Anguish: “Mental anguish” refers to the general psychological distress you may have suffered because of your physical injury, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other conditions.

Physical Disfigurement: You may suffer physical disfigurement as the result of, for example, permanent burn injuries to your face. Even if such an injury does not disable you, the psychological distress and social stigma attached to it represents a real and serious loss.

Physical Impairment: Physical impairment, such as paralysis, can prevent you from enjoying day-to-day activities that you once took for granted such as walking, sports or sex. The impairment may be physical, but the damage is largely psychological.

If the accident that injured you was caused by someone else’s negligence, willful behavior or criminal act, or if it was caused by a defective product, you can file a lawsuit against the culpable party seeking damages for all of the injuries listed above. If the injury was caused by a culpable act committed by an on-duty employee, you may be able to sue the employer and win without even proving that the employer itself did anything wrong.

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