Common Nursing Home Abuse Questions

Last updated on: March 31, 2012


Here at Zinda Law Group, many disheartening situations lead to our firm handling many nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Below is a list of common questions we receive from families seeking potential representation for their loved ones:

QUESTION: Why does neglect and abuse happen in nursing homes?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, many nursing homes are more concerned with making money than taking proper care of their patients. As a result, nursing homes are often hiring underqualified, inexperienced staff. Additionally, they are hiring less staff than necessary, which often leads to neglect or insufficient care.

QUESTION: What are some signs of abuse or neglect?

ANSWER: There are many signs, but these conditions would lead us to often investigate further: bed sores, bruising, falls, unexplained injuries, abnormal behavior, infections, bleeding, weight loss, and death.

QUESTION: What is the legal process for these cases?

ANSWER: Our firm would aggressively begin an investigation to learn more regarding the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Additionally, we would seek compensation for damages as a result of the incident or incidents. Moreover, there are sometimes criminal prosecutions associated with these cases. However, it’s important to note that the criminal case is entirely separate from the civil matter. While the criminal matter would serve to punish and deter, the purpose of the civil matter would be to make the injured party whole for what happened.

If you have any further questions, please call a nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer at Zinda Law Group that can provide you with a free consultation in order to evaluate your potential legal rights.