Common Injuries in Construction Accidents

Common Injuries in Construction Accidents

Construction injuries can come in various forms.  Texas has had a pretty high level of construction over the years, and has seen its array of injuries, particularly in that industry.  The injuries can be from a fall from scaffolding or ladders, or various heights.  It could include crane collapses or other malfunctions; common to have fires and explosions at these locations, or excavation accidents, where a trench may collapse, or a backhoe malfunctions, and of course just other injuries involving heavy equipment that’s on site, or vehicles being driven around the location.

Often, just due to the nature of the force behind the equipment, or the heights involved, the injuries can be pretty significant; often, work-ending or life-changing.  There are complicated issues with these sorts of incidents, both from a liability standpoint and an injury standpoint.  A lawyer can help you evaluate what type of liability someone could face from your injury.

There are several people that could be at fault for your injury, from a subcontractor or a general contractor, to an architect or somebody else that was working on site, or had some hand in the project.  A lawyer can help you fully evaluate those issues, and determine who may be at fault, and whether we’d be able to place liability on them, then look to the ability to recover for your full needs; not just for your present care, but for your future needs.

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