Construction Accident Roof Related Falls

Construction Accidents: Roof Related Falls in Fort Worth, Texas

As stated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration), falls from roofs are the leading cause of construction site fatalities. In fact, out of the total amount of construction deaths, over one third of them are directly related to falling off roofs. In addition, construction workers are victims to tens of thousands of severe injuries each year from roof falling accidents. This is because these jobs tend to be performed under various dangerous conditions. If you, or a loved one, have received roof fall related injuries, you will likely be facing many years of extensive medical expenses, lifestyle limitations, lost wages, and other serious issues. Even though workers’ compensation is designed to cover many of your ongoing bills, the amount of recompense might not be enough to move forward with living. In fact, Texas law does not require construction sites, general contractors and subcontractors to purchase and maintain workers’ compensation on their workforce. If your accident occurred on a Fort Worth jobsite and you are not covered by Texas workers’ compensation, you will need to seek recompense through third-party insurance to ensure you receive adequate compensation. Obtaining Financial Compensation A skilled Fort Worth, TX personal injury attorney can fight on your behalf when your injuries are a direct result of another party’s negligence. The attorney can develop strategies to ensure you receive a fair and full amount of financial compensation. The lawyer can negotiate with the claims adjuster or file a lawsuit and prove that negligence on the job site was a result of one or more factors that include: • Inadequate Cleanup and Maintenance – Tools, equipment, debris and other material on the roof created potential trip and fall, or slip and fall, hazards. • Insufficient Safety Gear – Inadequate supervision, mismanagement or outside forces failed to provide each worker proper restraints and other necessary safety equipment. Negligence might be the result of financial constraints or construction project deadlines. The attorney can prove the forces that resulted in taking dangerous shortcuts. Building the Case An experienced personal injury attorney will have access to all the necessary resources to perform an effective investigation concerning all the circumstances involved in the accident. The lawyer can determine if safety standards of the construction industry were used to safeguard every worker on the job site. Unsafe conditions could include working with insufficient planks, improper railings, missing safety harnesses, and other absent safety equipment. Determining Fault Generally, roof injuries that involve negligence are legally considered the fault of the property owner, general contractor and/or subcontractor. This is because there might not have been adequate fall protection in place, which would fail to meet the standards set by OSHA. Without proper fall protection, workers on the roof perform their duties at great risk. If your injuries are a result of falling from scaffolding, roof, ladder or any other height on the job, you need to consider hiring a skilled attorney that handles construction site claims. A Fort Worth, TX personal injury attorney will work on a contingency basis and receive no fees unless they can secure financial compensation for you.  

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