Construction Accidents and Workers Compensation

Construction Accidents and Workers Compensation

Construction accidents can happen in lots of ways. You could be walking by a construction site and injured or something of that nature, but more often than not, construction injuries occur to people who are working on the site. One of the important factors that we have to consider is the presence of worker’s compensation insurance. Many times your employer may have worker’s compensation insurance; however, this doesn’t always bar you from your claim. If another company is at fault for your injury, you still have the right to pursue a claim against that third party. While you wouldn’t be able to sue your employer, if another subcontractor working alongside you caused your injury, you can go after them. That will result in you often times repaying the worker’s comp for the coverage that’s provided, but as we all know, worker’s comp doesn’t always cover the full scope of your injuries. While it may cover your medical bills and it may cover some of your wages, it doesn’t give you any money for pain and suffering or impairment, and many times construction injuries can be quite severe.  

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