Construction Accidents Elevator Shaft Falls

Construction Accidents: Elevator Shaft Falls in Fort Worth

Each year, laborers around the United States become victims of preventable construction site accidents, one of the most common being elevator shaft falls. Falling down an unprotected elevator shaft on a construction site can lead to lifetime injuries, paralysis and even death in extreme cases. In these situations, assigning liability becomes difficult, but you might be entitled to recover damages based on a variety of factors. If you or your loved one has recently experienced an elevator shaft fall in Fort Worth, TX, then seeking advice from a qualified attorney could help protect your rights. The most important first step you can take is to gather and maintain vital pieces of information. Detailed documentation can be a crucial determining factor when it comes to a personal injury claim because records can determine the amount you're entitled to receive for pain, suffering and ongoing treatments. Here are some examples of the types of documentation to gather:

  • The official incident report, including supporting witness statements and other relevant documentation
  • Medical records, doctors' notes, ER statements, physical therapy statements and medical bill statements
  • Copies of documents related to accidents filed with your insurance company
  • Copies of any and all communication between you and the owner of the construction site

You may or may not appear in court when it comes to personal injury claims, but you should be prepared to present the right evidence and witnesses should the case be tried. Negligent companies that refuse to maintain safe construction site standards should offer immediate reparation when at fault for elevator shaft falls. From not constructing barriers that prevent accidents to failing to inform employees of the inherent risks, construction companies need to be held responsible for their inaction. These companies may attempt to delay payment or offer a low settlement, but a confident attorney can work towards an effective resolution that addresses your physical, mental and emotional needs. While a construction company may have been obviously negligent, you won't be able to prove negligence on your own. It's a challenging concept to prove, and you need the experienced guidance of a committed attorney. Gathering the right evidence can help support your claims, but an attorney will be able to piece the information together to form a cohesive and effective case. Pursuing legal action can be a difficult battle, but it's a battle that you can face with a proper legal team. If you've been involved in a construction site elevator shaft fall, then you need to consider seeking the advice of a dedicated attorney. Our Fort Worth, TX, law firm works tirelessly to hold negligent companies accountable for these devastating personal injuries. We have the experience and resources you need to present a clear case to the responsible party, and we'll work hard to help you recover the damages you deserve. Don't let a construction site accident permanently damage your ability to work or your quality of life. We can help. For more information on our full range of services or to schedule a consultation, give us a call today.  

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