Construction Accidents Improper Assembly

Fort Worth Construction Accident: Improper Assembly Injury

Construction jobsites pose significant risks to every worker in and around the assembly area. Even though general contractors, subcontractors and management teams are trained to ensure a safe work environment, thousands suffer improper assembly injuries every year on construction sites. Construction jobs involve dangerous working conditions and potential risks. However, no worker should suffer life-threatening injuries because of another’s negligence. In fact, every construction worker on the site relies on proper assembly of the structure and equipment as a way to provide a safe work environment. When the negligent action of an individual or company causes you injuries, you need the legal skills of an experienced improper assembly injury Fort Worth, TX attorney to protect your rights. Common Construction Site Injuries The most common construction site problems causing injuries and fatalities include falls due to improperly assembled scaffolding. In addition, construction site workers are exposed to: • Electrical hazards • Toxic chemical exposure • Equipment malfunction • Crane-related accidents • Improperly used safety gear • Collapsed roof and wall • Dropped loads • Unprotected floor openings, stairways & holes • Insufficient assembling of systems to prevent slip and falls • Insufficient supports and bracing Unfortunately, these actions caused significant injuries that could have been avoided if there had been proper site preparation, equipment assembly and the adherence to strict safety codes. Laws are firmly in place in Texas to ensure construction site safety. The laws are designed to protect every type of construction employee including equipment operators, engineers, road workers, bridge workers, inspectors, utility workers and surveyors, as well as general laborers and specialized construction workers. Anytime a device or equipment is improperly assembled and positioned, the safety law is automatically violated, and subject to a claim for compensation. This is true even if it was the worker, and not the subcontractor or general contractor, who improperly assembled scaffolding, ladders or other equipment. Receiving Fair Compensation If you have been injured on the job, a claim for compensation is available for every type of construction accident, including the improper assembly of equipment or materials. A skilled construction accident attorney can provide a thorough evaluation and investigation of the exact cause of the accident. In addition, they can use their skills to determine the best way to proceed with all claims. Under Texas law, employers do not need to provide workers’ compensation for their employees. If you have been injured, and your employer does not carry workers’ compensation, you can receive financial compensation through a claim through the insurance carrier, or at trial in a lawsuit. In addition, nearly any time a construction site accident occurs, there may be third-party liability issues that need to be negotiated and/or litigated. The accident might be the direct or indirect result of other parties that can be held financially accountable. This could include the construction company, property owners, architects, construction equipment manufacturers and insurance companies, all involved in the project. Your skilled construction injury attorney may be able to file a claim against the job site general contractor, along with any individual or subcontractor responsible for the direct supervision of those that are contractually responsible for your injuries. It is imperative to seek out skilled construction accident attorneys that understand the complexity of investigating, negotiating, litigating and resolving your claim.  

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