Construction Site Electrocution Injury

Construction Site Electrocution Injury Fort Worth

A construction site electrocution injury often occurs around exposed wires, complicated construction equipment or situations where power sources are improperly maintained. In fact, statistics indicate that on average, nearly 400 construction workers die every year as a result of electrocution. These numbers indicate only a small portion of the lives of construction workers that are significantly impacted by nearly fatal electrocution accidents on the job. Depending on the length and frequency of the electrical shock, a construction worker can experience significant damage to their body that can include: • Damage to the lungs and heart • Severe neuropathy (nerve function impairment) • Pain and suffering • Blindness • Brain damage • Amputation • Chronic pain • Burns and disfigurement • Significant psychological effects In fact, many victims of electrocution suffer injuries of a secondary nature including spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and internal injuries. This is often the result of an explosion from the electrical source that knocks the victim off their feet, or knocks them backwards as a result of a blast. Neglectful Actions OSHA regulations are set in place to make sure that construction sites remain safe. However, unscrupulous employers and improperly managed supervisors often neglect their obvious duty to provide protection for every employee on the job site. It is their duty to provide a safe environment that is often achieved by extensive training and using appropriate safety equipment. Financial Compensation However, even a minimal amount of neglect when installing, handling or maintaining electrical equipment can cause significant injury and damage to workers. When negligence can be proven in a court of law, every negligent individual involved in the accident can be a party to a claim or lawsuit. Workers that have suffered at the negligence of another have legal remedies to seek recompense for all of their injuries and damages as a result of the accident. Damages can include past and future medical treatments and procedures, lost wages due to the inability to work, pain and suffering, psychiatric treatment, and possibly vocational rehabilitation. Suing a Third-Party Sometimes, a construction site electrocution injury in Fort Worth, TX involves more than just mismanagement, poor supervision, insufficient training, unsafe work conditions, improper installation, unsafe equipment or an unforeseen problem. The negligence might have been the reckless actions of another subcontractor at the job site. Negligent individuals deserve to pay for their reckless action or because they failed to do their job properly to provide a safe environment for others. Because of that, it is possible that a skilled Fort Worth, TX attorney that handles construction site electrocution injury cases could file a lawsuit against a third party. This lawsuit would be over and above making a claim against the property owner. The severity of the injuries you experience as a result of an electrocution can be extensive. Due to your electrical current exposure and the location of your injury, the path of electricity might have caused injuries that will present themselves in the future. Because of that, it is important to use a skilled attorney to recover as much compensation as possible, including your workers’ compensation benefits and any third party claim for additional recompense.  

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