Does Your Attorney Pay Attention to Details?

Last updated on: June 10, 2013

Does Your Attorney Pay Attention to Details?

Thompson Reuters recently ran a story about a $28 billion dollar lawsuit between American International Group and Bank of America.  In case you read that last sentence too quickly, that’s billion with a B.

The lawsuit relates to mortgage-backed securities sold between the two financial giants, but the story focused specifically on a legal fight between the two teams of lawyers over whether the lawsuit would remain in federal court or be transferred back to state court, a move that AIG’s lawyers saw as favorable.

Tens of thousands of dollars were probably spent in legal fees for each side researching, briefing, and preparing for the fight. But for the federal judges hearing the dispute, the answer turned on a single comma.

The statute in question listed a number of requirements to remove the lawsuit, and then had a modifying clause proceeded by a comma. AIG argued that, according to the rules of grammar, all of the preceding requirements must be met in order for the lawsuit to stay in federal court. The judges agreed.

This story illustrates an important quality for good lawyers: attention to detail. No doubt AIG’s lawyers had dissected and diagrammed the confusing sentence structure several times before coming upon the winning argument. The result was a persuasive presentation and a strategic victory for their client.

At Zinda Law Group, our attorneys bring the same type of precise attention to detail to every case we take on. We’ll leave no stone unturned until we find the best, most persuasive facts to argue your claim.

For the interested, the story is titled “AIG Beats Bank of America by a Comma in Removal Dispute.”