Causes of Gas Explosions

Propane and gas explosions often result in traumatic injuries from which it can take a lifetime to recover. Burns to the face and body can be extremely painful, and may lead to permanent disfigurement. More often than not, these explosions can be traced to the negligence of an individual or company. Gas tanks, valves and pipelines are supposed to be leak-proof; so if a gas leak leads to an explosion, it is highly likely that negligence has occurred.

Common causes of propane and gas explosions are improper installation techniques, lack of safety training, failure to warn and faulty installation. It is also important to realize that victims who suffer injury from an explosion may have claims against parties other than the utility supplying the gas. Construction work, for example, often leads to ruptured gas lines and deadly explosions.

A utility is responsible for the damage caused by a natural gas explosion if the utility failed to exercise due care in operations. When dealing with natural gas, due care is understood to mean a higher degree of vigilance and caution than is necessary to exercise in the ordinary affairs of life and business. Utility companies who fail to meet that standard are liable for the damages caused by their negligence. Similarly, this high duty of care is also demanded from manufacturers of propane gas tanks. These tanks are highly dangerous and capable of serious destruction. Consequently, manufacturers are expected to operate under an abundance of caution.

Victims with burn injuries may be eligible to receive legal compensation for their pain, suffering, medical bills, and physical damage. Moreover, those who have lost loved ones as the result of an explosion, fire, or other burn injury circumstance may also be eligible to receive compensation.

When an explosion like this occurs, it is important that victims be represented by a team of experienced attorneys who can help them recover the life they once enjoyed. Propane, kerosene, natural gas and other explosions requires an understanding of the applicable statutes, regulations, rules and case law. At Zinda Law Group, we have successfully litigated and settled cases involving violent explosions and severe injuries. Our reputation as a top flight personal injury firm is well earned, and our clients enter the courtroom knowing their rights will be zealously advocated for. Call us at 800-863-5312. No Recovery. No Fees.

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