How Can I Get Medical Care Without Insurance?

Last updated on: May 15, 2013

How Can I Get Medical Care Without Insurance?

All too often, our experienced personal injury attorneys hear from individuals that have been injured, yet haven’t received any medical treatment. Most often, the reason behind this is that the injured individual does not have health insurance and cannot afford to pay for expensive treatments out of pocket.

Without health insurance, injured folks are often relegated to dealing with the pain. However, that usually leads to long-term complications later on. Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys have several different methods they employ to make sure that you get the medical treatment that doctors recommend for you—even without health insurance.

For instance, Zinda Law Group may be able to utilize medical funding companies in order for you to be seen by the appropriate medical provider. Moreover, our attorneys are often able to have clients seen at a medical facility by using what’s called a Letter of Protection. This document simply promises to pay the medical provider their bill for services out of any settlement proceeds after the case concludes.

If you, a friend, or a family member have been injured and have questions about how to receive medical treatment after the injury, please call a personal injury attorney at Zinda Law Group for a free consultation.