I-20 Accidents

Last updated on: March 11, 2015

I-20 Accidents in Fort Worth

Anywhere in the United States, highways are a place where serious accidents can be caused due to excessive vehicle speeds, intoxicated driving or distracted driving. In Texas, I-20 is the scene of major crashes that take away lives or seriously injure victims every year. If you have been injured in an I-20 accident, then you should get in touch with a Fort Worth accident lawyer today to learn more about your legal rights. You may be eligible to file a negligence claim and receive damages for the injuries that you have suffered in an I-20 motor vehicle accident.

Know How to Handle I-20 Accidents

When you are involved in an I-20 accident, it is important to know how to react. If you are able to move, then you should try to take photos or a video recording of the accident scene. It is important for you to document the injuries that you and any passengers have also suffered. In an accident scene, it can be easy to panic and allow the feelings of stress to overwhelm you. However, you should try to keep a clear head and get in touch with the local authorities. Make sure that you call the police and tell them that there has been an accident. It will be vital for you to file a police report if you intend on filing a lawsuit for the damages that you have suffered. Even if you do not file a lawsuit, an insurance company will still want to see that a police report has been filed for an I-20 accident.

Documenting Your Injuries

Those who have been injured in an I-20 accident must also be sure to document their injuries. It is vital for individuals to seek medical attention after a serious I-20 accident. You should be very detailed in how you report the injuries that you have suffered. Even if you feel minor pains or have small scrapes, you should still report these injuries to a doctor. You never know if you may develop a severe concussion later on and be required to undergo hospitalization. In that event, you will want to file a lawsuit. It will help your case if your injuries have been documented with a medical professional.

Damages Recoverable in I-20 Accidents

There are many types of damages that can be recoverable in I-20 accidents. One may be able to recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of consortium after being the victim of an I-20 accident. If you are unsure of the extent to which you can file a legal claim for damages, then you will want to schedule an initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth. A car accident lawyer will carefully assess your claim and whether you can recover damages. He or she will also provide legal guidance for your case and can help determine the best strategy for moving forward in your case. Your legal strategy will likely involve trying to settle the case with the insurance company. This can provide you with the most efficient means for receiving damages in your case.

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