If I am a passenger in a vehicle, do I still have a case?

Last updated on: April 10, 2013

If I am a passenger in a vehicle, do I still have a case?

Many times our clients have called us asking whether or not they have a personal injury case if they were in a passenger’s seat during a motor vehicle crash—the answer is yes.

If the responsible party is someone who was not in your vehicle, you have a claim against the responsible party just as the driver of your vehicle may have if they are injured. In addition, in order to be made whole for that injury, you may receive compensation from a combination of the responsible party’s automobile insurance, the driver’s automobile insurance, and your own automobile insurance.

Additionally, if there is any responsibility on the driver of the vehicle you occupied, you may also have a claim against them. However, in some instances this may preclude both the driver and the passenger being represented by the same firm. Additionally, if the driver is responsible, and the passenger is a family member, insurance laws change what can be recovered.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle crash while a passenger in a vehicle, please don’t hesitate to give the experienced personal injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group a call for a free consultation.