If I missed work after an injury, can I get paid back?

Last updated on: May 15, 2013

If I missed work after an injury, can I get paid back?

After an injury, doctors’ visits and significant pain often limit one’s ability to perform their job. Whether it’s for one day, one month, or one year, our goal as experienced personal injury attorneys is to make you whole after the injury—essentially putting you back in the position you would have been had the incident not occurred.

Therefore, one of our objectives is to make sure that you get paid back for any lost wages you may have as a result of an injury. If you made a salary or an hourly wage, our office has several different tools we use to show the responsible party what you lost as a result of an injury. Additionally, if your lost wages are more speculative due to commissions, sales, etc. our attorneys have extensive experience putting together accurate estimates of your loss of earning capacity based on previous earnings and market conditions.

Moreover, even if you just missed sick time and were actually paid by your employer when you took off, you’ve still lost those sick days forever. Obviously, a judge or jury cannot force your employer to give you back those sick days that you lost because of your injury, so the law allows you to collect lost wages in this circumstance as if you weren’t paid in the first place.

Should you have any questions about how to recoup the earnings you lost after an injury, please don’t hesitate to call an experience Austin personal injury attorney at Zinda Law Group for a free consultation.