First Party Insurance Claims FAQ

First Party Insurance Claims FAQ

If you are an insurance policyholder, then you may have some questions about your coverage. While most policyholders will have little or no trouble getting their first party claims paid, sometimes policyholders will run into problems with their insurance companies. Here are some frequently asked questions that may be important to keep in mind if you need to file, or have filed, a first party insurance claim. What is a first party insurance claim? A first party insurance claim is a claim that is made by a policyholder or beneficiary under an insurance policy. Who can file a first party insurance claim? The insured individual or a named or intended beneficiary can file a claim for a covered loss. Can I file a claim if I have a new policy, but haven't received a bill or made a payment yet? If your insurance policy is in effect, the insurer must cover any claims that are covered by the policy. What are some typical problems that might be encountered in first party insurance claims? Not all first party insurance companies are trustworthy or honest, and claims can be unjustly delayed or even outright denied without regard to the evidence supporting the claim. Both are violations of the Texas Insurance Code and may entitle the policyholder to added compensation including attorney’s fees to compensate for the bad faith dealing. My claim was denied, but I didn't get a letter of denial for months. Can I sue for bad faith? Under the Texas Insurance Code, insurance companies must respond within 15 business days of the receipt of the claim. In their response they must tell you whether your claim has been accepted or denied, or if they need an additional 45 day extension available under the law to further investigate your claim. If the insurance company fails to send you the required notice within 15 days, you may file a suit to seek compensation for your losses including compensation for bad faith. What do I need to provide to show my insurance company for bad faith? To prove an insurance company has acted in bad faith, you must be able to show that the insurance policy was valid, that the policyholder was in compliance with the terms of the policy, and the insurance company breached the terms of the contract by delaying or denying the claim without cause. How can an attorney help with first party insurance claims? A good attorney can put the proof together that you need to prove your claim was delayed or unreasonably denied and file a lawsuit on your behalf. Who can I call for help? You can call the attorneys at Zinda Law Group if you need help with your first party insurance claim, or any claim. We have successfully represented many clients in their fight against the insurance companies and we want to represent you too. Call us today at (800) 863-5312 and let us help you.

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