The Importance of Hiring an Attorney for Your Insurance Claim

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney for Your Insurance Claim

Insurance companies are beginning to assess values of claims as a result of conservative juries throughout the state. Whenever you're involved in a wreck with an uninsured motorist, and your insurance company has to step in, and provide coverage under your uninsured motorist coverage, if that insurance company low balls offers in the pre-litigation stage, in my experience you were able to dramatically increase the offers that they make if you file a lawsuit.

The main reason behind that is insurance companies do not like being in the defendants chair in front of the jury of their peers because juries typically do not like insurance companies and will decide on the side of the individual.  

Where Zinda Law Group Practices:

We were founded in Texas and have a team of Austin personal injury lawyers as well as attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth.

 As we’ve grown we expanded out west to El Paso, Texas subsequently into Arizona adding Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers to the firm, as well as adding offices in Colorado including Denver Personal Injury Lawyers and the surrounding cities such as Colorado Springs.

Types of Cases We Handle:

We also have a team of attorneys that have experience serious injury cases such as car accidents, wrongful death and truck accidents.   We also have experience handling more complex cases such as gas explosions and drug injury cases, such as the Taxotere® Lawsuits.