Signing a Medical Authorization for an Insurance Company


The attorneys at Zinda Law Group would never recommend that you sign a medical authorization- especially a blanket medical authorization without considering it carefully. An authorization allows the insurance company access to information that they would never be allowed to have otherwise. They can essentially look into your entire medical history. They will have access to different medical records – for example, your herniated disc 9 years ago and try to say that that was a pre-existing condition and that’s why you’re hurt now- not from the car accident. Instead of giving them time to look over your medical records, you want to call an attorney who can control the flow of information, give them all the relevant information at once, give them deadlines and use what leverage you have by only giving them access to things that are relevant. There is no reason to let them dig into your history to find reasons to deny or delay your claim.

Where Zinda Law Group Practices:

We were founded in Texas and have a team of Austin personal injury lawyers as well as attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth.

 As we’ve grown we expanded out west to El Paso, Texas subsequently into Arizona adding Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers to the firm, as well as adding offices in Colorado including Denver Personal Injury Lawyers and the surrounding cities such as Colorado Springs.

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We also have a team of attorneys that have experience serious injury cases such as car accidents, wrongful death and truck accidents.   We also have experience handling more complex cases such as gas explosions and drug injury cases, such as the Taxotere® Lawsuits.