Is Your Attorney Cutting Edge?

Last updated on: March 29, 2013


Is Your Attorney Cutting Edge?

People weigh a number of factors when hiring an attorney. Often, criteria like the attorney’s fee arrangement, location, and knowledge play a big part in a person’s decision to hire a specific attorney. Sometimes, the choice between attorneys boils down to nothing more than the answer to the question, “Do I like this person?”

Without a doubt, those criteria are important in finding the right fit for your legal representation. However, an often-overlooked factor is how effectively a particular attorney or law firm stays up-to-date on current law and advocacy techniques. In an area of the law like Personal Injury, the legal landscape is constantly changing. Quite often in the struggle between victims of personal injury and the lawyers for the insurance companies, the winners and losers are defined by who is more willing to adapt their strategy to the latest and most creative legal advocacy techniques. Conversely, it is easy for some lawyers to get caught in the trap of lazy thinking, attempting instead to fit every case into the same cookie-cutter mold of claims processing.  Consequently, creative ways to maximize the value of each case or entire theories of recovery are overlooked or ignored.

At Zinda Law Group, we believe that every case is unique.  We enjoy the challenge of developing a specific game plan for each new set of facts that every client brings. We are continuously updating our legal authority to reflect the latest arguments in claims practice. And from mock jury focus groups to video presentations and hi-tech, 3D visuals of injuries and evidence, we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to advocate for our clients professionally and effectively. The result is an ever-growing arsenal of weapons to fight for victims of personal injuries. If you have questions about how a creative claims practice can make a difference in your case, give us a call or email us.