Management Tips for Running A Personal Injury Law Firm: Part 1

Last updated on: May 16, 2023


In this episode, Zinda Law Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Tully, sits down with Zinda Law Group CEO and founder, Jack Zinda to talk about effective management practices for your personal injury law firm.

Discussed in this Episode:

Define your team’s responsibilities
KPI scoreboards
Communication in the hybrid/remote era
Outlines and scripts

Define Your Team’s Responsibilities

Every team needs to be organized and it all starts with you. Having a firm grasp on what your business needs to be successful will go a long way when it comes to delegating responsibilities. Each team member should have an “area of focus” where their expertise comes into play. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking yourself “what does X do everyday?”. Once established, create a KPI that can track their performance over time. Finally, express what their responsibilities are and give them the tools to achieve it.

KPI Scoreboards

Public scoreboards can be a great tool for group accountability, increased performance and team comradery. Creating positive competition can work well when done properly, but you must be careful that it doesn’t become demoralizing. Short competitions are better as they prevent a few players from pulling away and thus making the rest of the group feel like they’re unable to win.

Communication in the Hybrid/Remote Era

Even lawyers can struggle with honest, direct communication. Especially when the face-to-face element has been altered. Developing a management style based on empathy and vulnerability goes a long way to create trust in you as a manager. When it comes to communication there are four factors at play: 1. What you meant to say 2. What you actually said 3. What the person heard and 4. How they understood it. Addressing each of these points when trying to convey an idea (especially a critique) is crucial to ensuring that both parties understand the expectations and are capable of achieving them.

Outlines and Scripts

Come prepared when opening up lines of communication. It may be tempting to go off the cuff, but having your thoughts written down will keep you on task. Remember to include personal mistakes as well. Nothing humanizes your conversation more than a moment of vulnerability.



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