Management Tips for Running A Personal Injury Law Firm: Part 2

Last updated on: May 23, 2023

In this episode, Zinda Law Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Tully, sits down with Zinda Law Group CEO and founder, Jack Zinda to talk more about effective management practices for your personal injury law firm.

Discussed in this Episode:
Set clear goals
Create an open door for opinions
Recognize team members
Give feedback ASAP
Invest in the “A” players

Set Clear Goals
Outside of normal day-to-day business practices, setting goals for your employees is an important factor in growing your business. You or your employee should establish what those goals are and should work together to make sure that they have what they need to succeed. Set clear milestones and reward structures.

Create an Open Door for Opinions
Internal suggestions and critiques are incredibly important to keep your practice growing and innovating. Allowing your employees to submit those opinions in a way that lets them feel safe is also an important element if you want honesty. In addition to safety, the opinions should be “weighted” towards the employee’s own expertise. That doesn’t mean that other opinions don’t matter, but it can give you a clearer sense of direction.

Recognize Team Members
There are a million ways that your team can go above and beyond. Giving equal recognition regardless of hierarchy is very important. Even if the role is deemed as “less important”, their hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Give Feedback ASAP
It’s always better to address it immediately regardless of how small or large the issue may be. By communicating quickly, you’re able to get your thoughts out before frustration can build up.

Invest in the “A” Players
Your “B” and “C” players may be the ones who make the most mistakes and often seem like they require the most correction and attention, but by putting the same amount of extra effort into the “A” player can allow them to grow by leaps and bounds.

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