Should I Still Hire an Attorney with Minor Injuries?

Last updated on: February 22, 2021


Not all injuries following an accident are the same.  Some instances involve minor injuries after an accident, resulting in nothing more than temporary embarrassment.  However, many accidents result in serious injuries.  Such injuries have the potential to lead to expensive medical bills and extended missed time from work.  Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney may help you determine whether it is appropriate to hire an attorney after minor injuries.

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Personal injury law involves cases where one person suffers harm due to the negligent, reckless, or intentional acts of another.  In many cases, this harm is physical.  For instance, grounds for a personal injury claim may exist when a person suffers a back injury as a result of being involved in a car crash caused by a distracted driver.  A slip and fall at a grocery store may also be grounds for a personal injury claim.  The harm may also be to a person’s reputation, such as when a person is the subject of defamation. 

The party that caused the harm, often referred to as the “at-fault party,” may be held legally accountable for the victim’s injuries.  If this happens, the at-fault party faces the possibility of having to compensate the victim for costs incurred as a result of the injury.  This compensation is referred to as “damages.”  The types of damages that may be available to a personal injury victim are discussed in further detail below.  

Initiating a personal injury claim typically requires consulting with a personal injury attorney.  During an initial consultation, the attorney may ask the victim a range of questions to gather important details relating to the claim.  If the attorney decides to represent the victim, the attorney may send a demand letter to the at-fault party requesting that the at-fault party compensate the victim accordingly.  If necessary, the attorney may file a formal lawsuit.  If a lawsuit is filed, the case may nevertheless be resolved through a settlement agreement.  If no settlement agreement is reached, the case may proceed to trial.   


There is a wide range of circumstances that may provide adequate grounds for a personal injury claim.  Some examples, such as a car crash, a slip and fall injury, and defamation, were discussed above.  Zinda Law Group has handled many of these claims.  For example, some of the most common personal injury cases Zinda Law Group handles include:


How Serious Are Your Injuries?

When it comes to enforcing your legal rights following an accident, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is how severe your injuries are.  In other words, determining whether you should hire a personal injury attorney first requires you to evaluate the extent of your injuries.  Although each case is unique, it is safe to say that a personal injury lawyer will likely not be necessary if no injuries were sustained.

Further, even minor injuries may not necessitate hiring an attorney.   For example, if the injury was entirely self-treated and professional medical treatment was never considered, the costs of hiring a personal injury attorney may outweigh the benefits.  

On the other hand, a personal injury lawyer will likely be necessary, or at least recommended, for accidents resulting in intermediate to severe injuries.  If the injury resulted in a trip to the emergency room, surgery, debilitation, or prolonged pain, it may be in your best interests to consult with a personal injury attorney before taking any legal action or agreeing to any settlements.  Examples of such injuries may include:

  • Back injuries
  • Hip injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions or brain injuries
  • Sprained ankles or wrists
  • Torn ligaments
  • Cuts, scars, or lacerations
  • Extensive bleeding
  • Severe emotional distress
  • Death

Who Caused Your Injuries?

Grounds for a personal injury claim may not exist, and thus hiring a personal injury lawyer may not be necessary, for cases involving accidents caused entirely by the injured party.  For example, if you spill water on your kitchen floor and subsequently slip on it, you may not have grounds for a personal injury claim. 

However, the vast majority of accidents resulting in injury do involve multiple parties that could potentially be held legally responsible. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer for minor injuries after an accident may provide clarification regarding how fault is apportioned and how such apportionment may affect your claim. 

Are You Comfortable Navigating a Personal Injury Claim by Yourself?

Navigating a personal injury claim from start to finish requires a lot of time, effort, and patience.  Handling a claim also involves a thorough understanding of personal injury law and keen negotiating skills.  Many personal injury victims simply do not have the time or experience to handle a claim and best enforce their legal rights.  Thus, hiring a personal injury attorney who has experience filing, litigating, and resolving personal injury claims may provide you with the best means of protecting your legal rights following an accident.   For instance, an attorney may:

  • Explain to you in clear terms what legal rights and remedies you may have
  • File a lawsuit and all necessary paperwork in a timely fashion in the proper court
  • Research applicable law and develop a strategy for arguing your claim
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and claims adjusters
  • Utilize a variety of resources to gather helpful evidence, such as tracking down witnesses and conducting interviews
  • Carry out other legal responsibilities necessary to ensure that your legal rights are fully protected


As discussed briefly above, “damages” is the legal term used to refer to the monetary compensation which may be awarded to a victim of a personal injury case.  The damages that may be awarded to a personal injury victim can be separated into two broad categories: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are objective, quantifiable costs incurred by a victim following an accident.  Economic damages involved in most personal injury cases may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pharmacy bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Property damage

Non-economic damages refer to subjective, intangible costs which cannot be calculated on paper.  Rather, non-economic damages are subjectively evaluated by the jury in a lawsuit.  Types of non-economic damages in a personal injury case may include:

A third class of damages, referred to as “punitive” damages, may also be awarded in rare, exceptional circumstances.  This class of damages is intended to punish the wrongdoer and is reserved only for cases where the wrongdoer’s actions were especially egregious or intentional.


Attorneys may refuse to take on a case for a variety of reasons.  Maybe the attorney simply does not have time to take a new case.  Maybe the attorney thinks that the merits of the claim are poor.   Maybe the attorney does not practice personal injury law.  Whatever the reason may be, it is important for you to remember that not all attorneys are the same.  One refusal does not mean that every attorney will refuse to take your case. Thus, if an attorney refuses to take your case, do not panic.  Simply search for other attorneys in your area and give them a call.  If your claim has merit, chances are you will find an attorney who will be willing to represent you.   


At Zinda Law Group, we understand the challenges that you are facing following an accident.  Medical bills may be quickly accumulating, and you are still trying to recover from your injuries.  Thankfully, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys is ready and willing to fight for you.  Let us navigate your claim and protect your rights while you recover from your injuries.  From start to finish, our attorneys take the utmost pride in giving every aspect of your claim the attention to detail it deserves. 

Our firm also believes that an injury victim should never have to worry about being able to afford excellent legal representation.  That is why we offer 100% free consultations, and why you pay nothing unless we win your case.  That’s our No Win, No Fee Guarantee.

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