Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Texas is a state that’s frequented by motorcycle riders.  Many Texans own motorcycles and there’s a lot of motorcycle traffic here, but even given that, people still aren’t aware of riders on the road.  It’s common in these cases for us to talk to the defendant in the case who says, “I just never saw the rider.”

Bikers can suffer severe injuries because they don’t have the protective shell of the car around them, and often end up flying from the bike, suffering injury either as a result of impact with the other vehicle or hitting the roadway, and so it’s not just the lawsuit itself, but the injuries that need the attention of an experienced lawyer.

The injuries that you suffer in a motorcycle accident need immediate treatment, but also your long-term care has to be considered.  Many riders will see effects of their injuries for years into the future and it could affect not just their home life, but their work life. Those issues have got to be evaluated early on.  

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