Five Motorcycle Safety Tips that Can Save Your Life


Experienced motorcycle riders understand the importance of safety. They know that there is a fine line between a lovely day of riding with your buddies and a terminal injury. Though there’s been an increased level of publicity regarding motorcycle safety in recent years, the majority of motorists are still naive when it comes to this subject. Unless you are a seasoned biker, you may not know the importance of a few basic safety tips when riding. The first and foremost, you must look out for yourself while on a motorcycle or even a bicycle. Don’t expect motorists to watch out for you and maintain a safe distance. It’s up to you as the rider to be proactive. Below, we go over five more safety tips that could save your life someday:

  1. Wear a helmet. Though it isn’t a law in Texas, it can certainly save you from receiving a serious, life threatening head injury in case of an accident. Choose a well-constructed helmet that provides ultimate protection for your brain.
  2. Get professional training. If you are young or inexperienced, spend a little money getting lessons from a trained expert. You may think you know what you’re doing, but there’s so much to learn from professionals and these lessons could save your life one day.
  3. Never drink and drive! This should go without saying and yet many bike owners think it’s okay to go out drinking with their buddies and then ride their motorcycle home when they are actually so drunk they can barely walk.
  4. Stay alert while riding. Always keep an eye on the traffic around you. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted. You can sometimes just see that certain drivers have no idea that there’s a motorcycle in the next lane. If they don’t realize you are there, the likelihood of pulling right over into you increases.
  5. Maintain your bike. Keep your motorcycle or bicycle in excellent working condition. Don’t ride it if you have bald tires or steering problems. Certain types of mechanical issues can greatly curtail your ability to control the bike.

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