Head injuries in motorcycle accidents

Head injuries in motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries to the riders involved. Many times, drivers of other vehicles say that they don't even see a motorcycle prior to an accident occurring. One of the common issues that come up in those cases is when the rider of the motorcycle is not wearing a motorcycle helmet. While wearing a motorcycle helmet's not required under Texas law, a lot of defense attorneys will treat it similarly to a seat belt, in that you're not protecting yourself by not wearing a helmet. One of the things that we can fight for is to show that, not only is the motorcycle helmet not required under Texas law, and therefore, that issue is often times not admissible in court, but also that the defendants don't meet the required burden to show that the harm to the rider would have been worse, had they not been wearing their helmet. That seems like common sense, but it's not always the case. Depending on how your injuries occurred and the circumstances of the accident, an experienced attorney can evaluate that and through the use of proper experts can present evidence that might suggest your injuries could have been less severe because you weren't wearing a helmet.  

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