New Laws Regarding Motorcycle Safety

What could be more fun than spending a day out motorcycling with friends? This extremely popular sport has always attracted those free spirits among us. Sometimes we make the excuse that we ride because of high gas prices but the truth is—it’s just plain fun. Being out on the open road on a motorcycle is appealing to many and in America you’ll find millions of motorcycles out on the streets and highways. Sadly, there are also thousands of motorcycle accidents each year, and many of them turn out to be quite severe for the motorcycle rider. That’s because there’s nothing between you and the road. Once you lose control, you’ll almost always come away with some very painful injuries. Some accidents can even be life threatening and cause serious brain trauma. In order to avoid injury or even death, most states have put in place some very specific motorcycle safety and traffic laws that are designed to curtail accidents. Below we discuss a few new laws and some old ones you may not be aware of. Training & Education Programs Every state has its own laws regarding training before being issued a motorcycle license, but in the state of Texas, riders must obtain some type of training. These safety courses are mandated by the state and consist of information about the safe operation of a motorcycle. They normally include tips on accident prevention and cover facts about bike maintenance and road laws for cyclists. For instance, simply knowing how to handle a motorcycle in bad weather or heavy traffic could save your life one day. Even if it isn’t required by your state, all riders can benefit from taking a motorcycle safety course. Motorcycle License All 50 states have now adopted laws that require you to obtain a motorcycle license before riding. The minimum age differs from state to state. Some states simply add an endorsement onto your regular driver's license. Others require you to get a special "motorcycle only" license. In most states you must pass a written exam plus a driving test. Motorcycle Right to Use Roadway Laws Very few motorists are aware that there are actual laws that stipulate how motorists should behave and interact with a motorcycle. The “Right to Use of Lane” laws say that all motorcycles have as much right to be on the highway or road as any vehicle. They also say that a motorist may not deprive a motorcycle of full use of a lane. These are designed to protect all motorcyclists. Laws also stipulate that a motorcycle cannot pass in the same lane as the vehicle being overtaken. Though you do sometimes see motorcycles doing this, it is very dangerous and against the law. Have You Been in a Recent Motorcycle Accident? Any motorcycle accident can be life threatening. A tragic motorcycle accident can leave you or a family member incapacitated for the rest of your life. Medical bills can mount up quickly. In many cases, a motorist is at fault and you’ll need an experienced Texas motorcycle injury lawyer to help you recover all those expenses plus make you whole for the pain and suffering that was caused. What if you have ongoing medical needs for the rest of your life? You need a team of expert motorcycle injury lawyers and Zinda Law Group PLLC has a qualified staff that will initiate a full investigation. Call Zinda Law Group PLLC today. Our staff and attorneys are here to help and answer any questions. We can give you expert legal advice and consultation so that you can make an informed decision about your case. With years of legal experience, the team at Zinda Law Group work hard to make you whole for what you’ve been through.

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