Worst Injuries for Motorcycle Riders

Negligent drivers can cause severe accidents involving motorcycles. These days, motorists are often pre-occupied with a number of things and barely pay attention to their driving. Being on the road with a negligent driver is dangerous for all, but especially for those who are riding on a motorcycle. Each year thousands of accidents occur involving a motorcycle, and in many instances the rider receives life threatening injuries. Long-term ongoing medical care is often required. The injured rider may not be able to return to work for months. This can be devastating for any family. March 2010-Arizona A group of friends were out riding their motorcycle one beautiful spring day when a dump truck plowed into the group of 8 motorcycles. Four died and five others received severe injuries. One of the injured was a well-liked Arizona fireman. Of the four deaths, one was a woman rider. Authorities claimed that the scene was so horrifying that it continued to haunt them for months and many TV stations were reluctant to show pictures of the accident. The driver of the dump truck was simply speeding and lost control of his vehicle. July 2011-New York During a protest against wearing helmets in the state of New York, a group of motorcycle riders were riding without their required helmets, when one cyclist lost control of his Harley. He was thrown over the handlebars and sustained critical head injuries. He survived the accident but was pronounced dead at the hospital. October 2010-Indiana A 59-year old man and his 58-year old wife were out for a fun day of riding their Harley Davidson when a reckless driver plowed into them. The speeding driver had been darting in and out of traffic right before hitting the Harley and sending its riders flying through the air. The man landed on a guard rail and was rushed to the hospital while the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. January 2009-Florida A middle aged man was riding his motorcycle to work one morning when the kickstand flew off causing him to lose control of the bike. Witnesses say the bike slammed into a curb and sent its rider over the handlebars onto the pavement. The man sustained fatal head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The Texas lawyers of Zinda Law Group PLLC have handled thousands of personal injury cases over the years. They fight hard to get their clients the compensation they need to cover hospital bills, property damage and expenses related to the crash. We know that you want and need to get on with your life after a Texas motorcycle accident. Contact a skilled Texas personal injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group today. Come in or call for a free initial consultation. If we take your case, we charge no fees unless you recover for your injuries.

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