How To Negotiate An Injury Claim With Farmers Insurance

Last updated on: July 31, 2015

Farmers Insurance is a large insurance provider offering customers a variety of insurance products such as automobile insurance, homeowner’s insurance, liability insurance, and other types of coverage. Like most large insurance companies, Farmers Insurance makes a profit by collecting more money in premium payments than it expends in paying lawful claims. Its team of claim adjustors is essential in helping it achieve that goal.

When you file a claim with Farmers Insurance, a claim adjustor will be assigned to your case. It is his or her job to investigate the facts of your case and attempt to settle your claim for as little as possible. Computer programs and other tools help the adjustor in assigning “standard” monetary values to your injuries: $500 for a bruise, $1,000 for a broken finger (for example). Your adjustor is not concerned with whether you are fully compensated; rather, your adjustor’s job is to try to get you to settle your claim quickly and for as little as possible.

You may try to negotiate a better settlement with your adjustor. Recent court cases suggest that Farmers Insurance is not terribly anxious to negotiate with individuals who have filed a claim. Nevertheless, you can increase the chances of a successful negotiation by:

  1. Communicating your own settlement offer to the insurance adjustor. As soon as you have a firm grasp on the cost of your injury – medical bills, doctor’s visits, prescription costs, time missed from work, pain and suffering, etc. – communicate this total in writing to the insurance adjustor. You may wish to describe the amounts you are claiming by showing how they are justified in your case. While you should attempt not to underestimate your losses, you should try to make sure your settlement amount is reasonable. (Hint: claiming $500,000 for pain and suffering over a broken finger is not reasonable!)
  2. Expect to haggle a bit with the adjustor. Your adjustor will likely deny your settlement amount initially and try to get you to accept a lower amount. The adjustor is trained to do this to see if you are really interested in a prolonged negotiation process. If your adjustor believes you do not have any “fight” in you, he or she knows that it is likely that you will take less compensation sooner, rather than holding out for a higher compensation amount. Once your adjustor has made a counteroffer to your initial offer, ask him or her to justify the counteroffer in light of your injuries and losses. Explain how the counteroffer does not adequately compensate you.
  3. Keep in mind what matters to your adjustor. As much as commercials might lead you to believe otherwise, your adjustor is not terribly concerned with the specifics of your case. What he or she is most interested in is the exposure and financial loss Farmers Insurance might have as a result of your claim. Highlighting facts that would be very favorable to you if your case went to trial (such as the impact your injury has had on you and your family) or showing through persistence that you are willing to take your case to trial if necessary can all be useful in convincing a reluctant claim adjustor to settle the case on your terms.

At Zinda Law Group, we know that the last thing an injury victim like yourself wants to do is negotiate with someone who likely does not care much about you personally. We can help you after an injury accident by negotiating with Farmers Insurance on your behalf. We will fight aggressively to get you the compensation you need. We will evaluate your claim and work with you to obtain the most compensation possible under the facts and circumstances of your case. Call us today at (800) 863-5312 to discuss your personal injury during a free consultation.