Proving Liability in Pedestrian Accidents

Proving Liability in Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians involved in accidents often face two challenges in their cases. One is proving that the driver was at fault. Because a lot of people have confronted the idea that the person darted out into the roadway, or that the car actually had the right-of-way. There are some circumstances where that could be the case, but even when the car has the right-of-way, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can just run over someone. Oftentimes, our experience in evaluating these cases and handling the litigation aspects of pedestrian cases can help in establishing the fault of the opposing party. Another thing that we can often do is work with an accident re-constructionist or some other expert who could help us demonstrate to the jury how the accident took place and where the driver was negligent in not recognizing the risk to the pedestrian crossing the roadway and behaving appropriately. The next area is in evaluating and treating the injuries of the pedestrian. Pedestrian injuries are often fairly significant, and making sure that individual is getting the appropriate and their long-term care is looked after is another area that we can provide help.

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