Can I File a Lawsuit After 3 Years?

Can I file a lawsuit after 3 years?

In any personal injury case there is a statute of limitations, which means there is a point in time where if your suit isn’t filed against the responsible parties that it goes away forever and can never be brought again. People ask me all the time in a personal injury context when their statute of limitations runs? That answer is going to be different depending on the venue, the circumstances and who you're suing.  It's safe to assume that your statute may be 2 years. Call an attorney in any case involving a personal injury to make certain that you know what the statute of limitations is. For example though, if you're suing your UIM carrier which is your under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage the statute won't be 2 years, it will be more than that. Additionally, you may be able to extend the time on the 2 years by the tolling statute. In order to find out exactly what tolling is, how it works and what your statute of limitations is on your personal injury case, call an attorney immediately.  

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