How Do I Know if I Have a Personal Injury Case?

There are lots of different factors that come into play when determining if you have a personal injury case. In order to evaluate any case, we really look at three significant things to determine whether or not we think that our experienced personal injury attorneys can help. The first thing we look at is liability. If somebody does something wrong on the road, for example violating a traffic law or a stop sign, liability can probably be established. If someone is in a business where standards, codes, regulations or industry practices have been violated then liability can be established.

The second level is damages. What happened to you as a result? These are things like your injuries, your bills both current and in the future. If you have those two things- we look at the third thing - someone to recover from.

In Texas it will usually be an insurance policy as it's really difficult to go after somebody individually. In most cases, the liable party will have car insurance or home or business insurance. If you have these three things, it looks to us like you have a personal injury case that can be successful, our experienced litigators at Zinda Law Group can help you form a game plan so that you know your legal rights moving forward.

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